Just like the doctors of old, Integrated Visiting Physician Solution, PC know patients by their first names. Imagine a doctor coming to your house and practicing 21st century medicine the good old fashion way. Our doctors are caring, dedicated, and compassionate individuals who are highly trained in the treatment of geriatric and homebound patients.

Integrated Visiting Physician Solution, PC understands that trying to schedule an appointment at the doctor’s office could have its own difficulties, let alone seniors with multiple chronic conditions. Appointments often require family members taking time off work and driving the patient to the doctor’s office. In addition, follow up appointments can also be a hassle as many PCPs are often very busy, creating a barrier to give proper care to elders. As an end result of these challenges, patients often wait for serious events to occur before seeking care. Integrated Visiting Physician Solution, PC overcomes all these challenges because our physicians can accommodate the needs of the senior population, giving them the freedom to choose from a range of time frames to encounter a visit.